Aktuell #1

︎Azar Alsharif

Aktuell is a series of publications presenting work by contemporary artists based in Norway. A collaboration between Torpedo Press and Kunsthall Oslo, Aktuell offers compact English-language monographs on both emerging and established artists, focusing on work that has not been addressed by existing publications. Images from the artists' practice are central to the series, contextualised by commissioned essays and interviews. The title of the series, Aktuell, cannot be precisely translated into English - it can mean current, relevant, or potential. Azar Alsharif is the first publication in this series.
22 x 16.2 cm
52 pages
200 NOK

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Essay by Matthew Rana
Interview by Elisabeth Byre

Editors: Will Bradley, Elisabeth Byre, Elin Maria Olaussen and Karen Christine Tandberg

Designed by Nell May
Print-run 750
ISBN: 978-82-93104-19-3
Torpedo Press & Kunsthall Oslo 2017

With support from The Fritt Ord Foundation


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