Oscar Masotta:
Segunda Vez, Cahier No. 2

︎Dora Garcia

Segunda Vez is a film and research project centered around the figure of Oscar Masotta (Buenos Aires, 1930, Barcelona, 1979), an author, psychoanalyst, and happenista. Segunda Vez uses the figure and work of Masotta to explore the intersections between performance, psychoanalysis, and politics, paying special attention to narrative strategies such as repetition and metafiction.
28 x 21 cm
31 pages
150 NOK

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Concept: Dora Garcia
Editing and translation: Emiliano Battista
With texts by Dora Garcia, Cloe Masotta, Oscar Masotta

Designed by Aslak Gurholt and Alejandro V. Rojas
Print-run 300
Isbn: 978-82-92613-71-9
Torpedo Press & Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2017

With generous support from The Norwegian Artistic Research Program and the National Academy of the Arts, Oslo