lawlessness of dreams colour palette

︎Guðrún Benónýsdóttir

A contribution to artist fanzine-series published by Torpedo press in Oslo. This project is a cooperation between Torpedoand Útúrdúr publication in Reykjavik. The concept of the booklet/multiple is built on Alberto Seveso´s well known photographs of ink in water. The presentation in the fanzine is a tribute to     Seveso´s works and a supplement to his  impersonation of colours.. Here the photos are rendered inverted as floating transcendental substances presenting a dissolving awareness of colours as forms, words or a sentience.  
21 x 15 cm
34 pages
75 NOK

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The fanzine contains Seveso´s ink photos, ink drawings (by Guðrún Benónýsdóttir) and print outs of colours and texts.

The Lawlessness of dreams was made as part of Reykjavik Art festival.

Design: Guðrún Benónýsdóttir, Espen S. Titland
Print: Litróf, Reykjavik
Torpedo Press and Uturdur 2015