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A Sudden Drop documents the garments Jóhannsson found on the street on the way to his studio in Oslo. Throughout the course of a year, the artist collected assorted sweaters, shoes, shorts, socks, gloves, stockings, bras, and dropped them, arbitrarily, on his parquet studio floor to photograph. The book catalogues 741 collected items photographed individually and arranged to cover full pages or comprising grids of three by three. Jóhannsson creates a sense of calm and order through his consistent compositions and careful arrangements of color. The book invokes questions around belonging, privacy, processes of aging, and collecting. Included is an accompanying pamphlet, Eight and a Half Days, which shows the end of this process, in which Jóhannsson compacts these garments into four wooden baskets and photographs them on the side of the street.
A Sudden Drop
Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson

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