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Cataloging artistic publishing

In collaboration with Lotte Grønneberg, Karen Grønneberg, and Dušan Barok, Torpedo is working on developing a digital catalog for artistic publishing in Norway. On March 23-24, Vilde Andrea Brun, Vibeke O’Rourke, Ellef Prestsæter, Elise Storsveen, and Trond Hilmar Søbstad joined us for a workshop devoted to the issues of cataloging, observing the clashing of artists’ book and library standards.
Photo: Kim Svensson / Torpedo
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Open Creation and Its Enemies:
Asger Jorn in Situation

The ST Player now on view in Valencia!

The ST Player, developed by the Institute for Computational Vandalism in connection with our publication These Are Situationist Times! (2019), is currently on view at IVAM in Valencia as part of the exhibition Open Creation and Its Enemies: Asger Jorn in Situation. The Player, a digital interface to Jacqueline de Jong's legendary magazine project The Situationist Times, may also be accessed here.
16 Feb-18 June 2023
︎︎︎ IVAM

Photo: Ariadna Garcia / IVAM