FRANK: Postscript on Curing Normality

︎Ed. Sille Storihle

The publication recounts the film and speaker series Curing Normality, marking the 40th anniversary of the decriminalization of male homosexuality in Norway. Postscript on Curing Normality features a talk given by Gerd Brantenberg, an introduction by Sille Storihle and archival footage tracing “homosexual life” in Norway since 1972. The series found place at Kunstnernes Hus, Nov 14 – Dec 12, 2012.
23.7 x 16.8 cm
39 pages
50 NOK

FRANK is an Oslo based platform, established to nurture art and critical discourse revolving around gender issues, desire and sexuality.
Design: Nell May
Copy Editor: Shoghig Halajian
Archival Research: Liv Bugge, Sille Storihle, Ylva Wærenskjold
FRANK 2013
Distributed by Torpedo Press


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