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Neighbourhoods are a fundamental framework for our everyday lives and local communities. Yet, the intricate mix of physical and social relations that together makes up a neighbourhood is rarely given the attention it deserves in policy making or urban planning. With more than 30 contributions from acclaimed architects, academics, activists, developers and public servants from the Nordics and beyond, Mission Neighbourhood – (Re)forming Communities offers new insight into how to form more sustainable, generous and joyful neighbourhoods. The book explores some of the urgent issues of our time – from social infrastructure, nature, and biodiversity, to mobility and urban governance – in a neighbourhood perspective. Intent on inspiring action, the book offers a rich variety of best practice projects, perspectives and hands-on advice.

Contributors include Jos Boys, Camilla van Deurs, Jan Gehl, Dan Hill, Indy Johar, Carlos Moreno, Juhani Pallasmaa, Kate Raworth, Martha Thorne and many more.
Mission Neighbourhood - (Re)forming communities
Christian Pagh, Thomas Cook (Eds.)

Published by:
Danish Architectural Press



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