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Open Creation and Its Enemies is an in-depth survey charting the singular trajectory of the Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914–1973), a founding member of avant-garde movements such as Cobra and the Situationist International. While often acclaimed as an extraordinary painter, the exceptional range of Jorn’s practice merits the kind of broader exploration undertaken in this book.

Lavishly illustrated and brimming with previously unpublished materials, Open Creation and Its Enemies makes legible the experimental parameters and artistic and political stakes of Asger Jorn’s transdisciplinary activities. Alongside new artistic and critical perspectives on Jorn, the book features a comprehensive collection of Jorn’s own writings, including programmatic texts on banality, ornament and automatism, letters to Guy Debord on key situationist questions, and essays grappling with the dynamics of long-lasting image traditions. The volume also includes a selection of texts on Jorn by contemporaries such as Lawrence Alloway, Gaston Bachelard, Michèle Bernstein, Öyvind Fahlström and Per Kirkeby.
Open Creation and Its Enemies: Asger Jorn in Situation
Ellef Prestsæter (Ed.)

Published by:
La Fabrica, IVAM



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