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Publication is a facsimile edition of the 1970 artist book by David Lamelas. It features contributions from thirteen international artists and critics who the artist chose due to their relationship to language-based practices. Produced from conversations with these fellow artists and writers, Publication collects their responses to three statements provided by Lamelas:

1. Use of oral and written language as an Art Form.
2. Language can be considered as an Art Form.
3. Language cannot be considered as an Art Form.

The texts range from pragmatic to humorous to philosophical. Publication was the primary work in Lamelas’ 1970 exhibition at Nigel Greenwood’s gallery in London; copies of the volume were displayed as a roundtable installation with the intention that visitors would continue the types of discussions within the book.

Many of the contributors were already exploring the book format as an alternative strategy for presenting conceptual work, and Publication provides a concise overview of artists’ and writers’ views on language-based art forms at the time. The artists and writers featured in this volume include Keith Arnatt, Robert Barry, Stanley Brouwn, Daniel Buren, Victor Burgin, Michel Claura, Gilbert & George, John Latham, Lucy R. Lippard, Martin Maloney, Barbara M. Reise, Lawrence Weiner, and Ian Wilson.
David Lamelas

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