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Stone and Bone – A Trip to Gotland 1964/2014 includes visual and textual materials from the SISV archive and the books and magazines where Asger Jorn presents the material and performs the most complex and pataphysical version of his comparative vandalist method. Jacqueline de Jong is probably the most insistent user of the SISV archive with her heretic Situationist Times, one of the most remarkable artists’ magazines of the 1960s, with a range from wild archaeology to contemporary cultural topology. Situationist Times has a strong resonance today as precursors to the idea of “artistic research”, which gives her a central role in this book. Besides de Jong and Jorn a new generation of vandals present their different approaches to an artistic research or a contemporary vandalist method in the archive: Henrik Andersson, Ellef Prestsæter & Scandinavian Institute for Computational Vandalism, Jakob Jakobsen and Mathias Kokholm.
STONE and BONE – A Trip to Gotland 1964/2014
Henrik Andersson, Lívia Páldi (Eds.)

Published by:
Antipyrine, OEI



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