Torpedo Press

Marianne Hurum

Stretchers develops Hurum´s ongoing sculpture project that takes the stretcher frame as its form of departure. The sculpture Stativ (Rack) (2012) is a welded steel copy of the shape of two stretcher frames leaning towards each other. This sculpture, central in her most recent solo show, sparked the ongoing project now including shapes like racks, pedestals, panel screens, espaliers and other shapes that resemble and associate from the stretcher frame. While the title Stretchers both refers to the stretcher frame and the medical stretcher, it is intended as a formal similarity and as a poetical pun. The fanzine is set up in the aesthetics of a cheap product catalogue, where the images are a mix of found and unique sculptures.

21 x 15 cm, 36 pages

Stretchers is the fourth in a series of zines from Torpedo Press. Earlier issues includes Marius Engh Figureheads/Related Works, Anders Smebye “” and Marie Buskov Tell All the Truth, but tell it slant, Success in Circuit lies.
Design: Your Friends
Torpedo Press 2012