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“When my brother passed away in June 2019 a void opened. Our sibling relationship had lasted for Alexander’s full 42 years of life. Siblingship is one of the most significant and extended relationships we have in our lives. Grieving his loss led to embroidering objects that represented aspects of him on fabrics of his tailor-made shirts. Stitching became a slow ritual of processing grief and recalling memories of him, which in turn, inspired written narratives as episodic stories that connect to tell and celebrate a whole life.”

This artist’s book investigates memory, loss, and grief. Needlecraft has across history and cultures, been an act of healing, resilience, and activism. By carefully examining memories of his impact on me, the texts bring up disability, identity, masculinity, and belonging. The book also takes a personal and challenging look at living with ableism in contemporary society.
Super Special Normal
Anette Lundebye

Published by:
Lundebye Press


978 1 3999 5791 5

480 NOK
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