Torpedo Press

The River is Elsewhere - Images of Log Driving on the Glomma
Hans Hamid Rasmussen, Per Petterson, Ellef Prestsæter (Eds.)

The River is Elsewhere is a story in pictures from the last years of log driving on the Glomma River in
Norway. The book is both a work of art and a manual, an ‘ABC’ of log driving.

In the mid-1980s, Hans Hamid Rasmussen was a budding artist equipped with a pike pole and a camera.
Based on his own experiences as a log driver and the photographs he took, he has composed an account that documents the timber’s long voyage down the river, the techniques employed in the log driving operation, and the everyday lives of the workers.

The photographs are annotated by the artist and accompanied by novelist Per Petterson’s recollections of a log driving spectacle he witnessed as a child in 1960.
Originally published in Norwegian to wide critical acclaim in 2022, this English edition include a new postface by the editor and an additional photographic print.

Edited and with a postface by Ellef Prestsæter
Translated from the Norwegian by Alison McCullough
Design by Anna Prestsæter
Published by Torpedo Press in collaboration with Guttormsgaards arkiv
Oslo and Blaker, 2024

22.0 x 16.0 cm, 138 pages

The River is Elsewhere