Torpedo Press

Casual Maneuver - A Step Away From It
Jon Benjamin Tallerås & Ruben Steinum

The artists’ book Casual Maneuver: A Step Away From It is made by the Oslo-based artists Ruben Steinum and Jon Benjamin Tallerås. The photographs in the book document almost one hundred unannounced temporary sculptures made in public space over the past three years. Steinum and Tallerås work by clandestinely reconfiguring whatever mobile materials they find on their journeys through various cities. These mostly gentle but unlikely and unexpected transient rearrangements of urban junk and street furniture recall the methods of visual poetry or musique concrète as much as they acknowledge the formal language of contemporary sculpture.

23 x 15.2 cm, 112 pages

ISBN: 978-82-93104-10-0
Design: Your Friends
Printing: Otto Stenersens Boktrykkeri A/S
Torpedo Press / Kunsthall Oslo 2012

Casual Maneuver - A Step Away From It