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Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise
Espen Dietrichson

Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise is the first major presentation of Espen Dietrichson’s work and reveals a production with an unique sense for perfection and dramatic presence. With a number of significant solo exhibitions and major projects to his credit, Espen Dietrichson has in an impressively short time invented a simple, yet complex language of his own. Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise is also the title of Dietrichson’s series of calculative drawings which both seem to be both inspired the necessity of a maverick logic and its self-destructive character. This methodological sobriety and humour also applies to his monumental sculptures and an engineer-like fascination with the instrumental (with an equal disinterest in their social appliance).

22.5 x 17 cm, 118 pages

”Tormented by visions of flight and falling. More wondrouand terrible each than the last. Master Leonardo imagines an engine to carry a man into the sun…”
- From Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, libretto by
Charles Anthony Silvestri.

Interview with Espen Dietrichson by Power Ekroth and essays by Helga-Marie Nordby and Eivind Slettemeås.
Editor: Eivind Slettemås
Graphic Design: Dag-Henning Brandsæter
Translation: Peter Cripps (texts by Eivind Slettemås, Helga Marie Nordby)
Copy Editing: 100% Proof
Printing: Bryne Offset
Torpedo Press 2009

Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise